With me being new to Medicare and, not really understanding my options, Mr. Geno Thomas helped me to understand Medicare benefits. He presented me with several options of carriers that met my healthcare needs, that is affordable to my fixed income. He made sure I was comfortable navigating through my insurance portal and, clearly explained my benefits. Geno said, I can call him if I need help with scheduling doctor visits, if I have issues with claims submitted by the physicians office, or help getting the best price options for my prescriptions. I am most appreciative of his professionalism and patience. I felt he cared and he took extra time with me to make sure I understood my benefits. I would definitely recommend Mr. Thomas whether you are new to Medicare or you want to explore new options of carriers. I am more than satisfied with Geno’s services that he provided and, feel at ease that I have him as a support system on my side.

Michelle J.

After visiting different websites on the affordable healthcare insurance, it left me more confused than ever. I left a message on Mr. Thomas' website and, he got in touch with me right away. He asked me what my needs are and what I expect my budget to be towards healthcare. Mr. Thomas gave many affordable options that I did not find available on the other websites. He was very knowledgeable with all the insurance companies and the different plans. Mr. Thomas found me an affordable health insurance plan that offered me what I was looking for, with affordable premiums. I would rate Mr. Thomas with Five Stars in exceptional service. He really knows insurance business.

Sam H.

As a single mother it was important to me to have that peace of mind knowing my kids are covered. Geno helped me with the budget I had and I agreed with a price for both kids. He was extremely pleasant and willing to work with me and didn't feel pressured. I highly recommend Geno Thomas for all of my insurance needs. He definitely knows this line of business. I'm now well educated and happy with the life insurance I got for my kids. Thank you Geno.

Gena W.

I have known Geno Thomas ever since college back in the day. when I saw his post on Facebook about Insurance I contacted him to see if he would help explain my employer benefits to me. Geno was more than happy to explain my benefits in a simple way to understand. I will always remember the phrase perk while you work. That's when I understand the value of having Life Insurance outside of work. Overall I was able to choose the right employer benefits that saved me a lot of money.

Krystal H.

When My wife and I bought our 1st house, my grandmother asked us if we had Insurance on our house and for the family. She began to explain how Mr. Thomas Was able to help her with her needs and understanding insurance. That I should give him a call To get a free Quote. I was skeptical because talking about death was a very sensitive topic for me. Mr. Thomas was able to explain the different products and provided a needs analysis that he put together a tailored package. I am very happy and satisfied that I now have the protection that I need I also get to protect the equity of my house if anything happens.